• The Last Ride…

    I don’t know why I though old modified ‘professional cars’ were so cool when I was… [more]

    The Last Ride… The Last Ride…

    Foreign Policy

    I’ve become pen pals with a classic Porsche loon in England. He couldn’t give two-shits about… [more]

    Foreign Policy Foreign Policy

    The Spoils of War…

    They pushed the beaten Jalopy up to the victory podium, the winner firmly wedged in his single seat cockpit,… [more]

    The Spoils of War… The Spoils of War…


    I always liked the lines of the 1959 Chevy hardtop coupes. With just one exception: their windshield.… [more]

    creamsickle creamsickle

    Clarence? He Needs Clearance…

    So… My cousin’s uncle’s roommate is a guy named Clarence and he has a 1937 Ford. Or… [more]

    Clarence? He Needs Clearance… Clarence? He Needs Clearance…

1928 through 1931 DuPont car gallery from Dieselpunks, images were from Supercars.net

found at http://www.dieselpunks.org/photo/album/list?xg_pw=&page=9

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